Lancewood Medium Fat Smooth Balsamic & Onion Cottage Cheese 250g

R 37.99

Our Medium Fat Balsamic & Onion Cottage Cheese has the same creaminess of full cream cottage cheese with less fat and without having to compromise on deliciousness. It is great on wraps, adds creaminess to pasta, perfect on a steak or enjoyed on it’s own as a light snack.


Pasteurised Skimmed Milk,Pasteurised Cream ,Balsamic & Onion Base (Sugar,Water,Balsamic Vinegar (1,6%),Modified Starch (E1422),Flavouring,Chives (Irradiated),Salt,Garlic Salt (Irradiated),Onion (0,2%) (Irradiated),Citric acid (E330),Stabiliser (E1422,E400,E500,Acidity Regulator (E331),Lactic Cultures,Preservative (Natamycin (E235).


Cow’s Milk,Soya,Egg and Wheat (Gluten).