Dr. Oetker Nice’n Easy Cottage Pie

0.35 kg
R 59.99

Dr. Oetker Nice’nEasy Cottage Pie is easy to prepare and lives up to the famous taste you would expect, with lean minced beef and savoury vegetables, topped with mashed potatoes.


White sauce (54%) (water, milk solids(skim milk powder, whey powder, maltodextrin, vegetable fat (palm fruit), stabilisers [E339, E452], emulsifiers[E452,E481], acidity regulator [E331]),unsalted butter, cream, thickener [E1422],wheat flour (gluten), salt),pasta(30,5%)(water, salt, wheat pasta (gluten)),Cheddar cheese (8,5%)(milk, salt, calcium chloride [E509], preservative (sodium nitrite[E250]), cheese cultures, colourant [E160b], non-animal rennet),bacon (7%) (pork shoulder, water, salt, sugar, emulsifiers [E450, E451], flavouring, extract of rosemary[E392], sodium ascorbate [E301], anti-caking agent [E551], preservative (sodium nitrite [E250]), colourant [E127]).


Milk, Soy