Dr. Oetker Italian Pizza Thick'a Spare Rib & Bacon

0.39 kg
R 51.99

Enjoy our unique Dr. Oetker Ital Pizza Thick'a Spare Rib & Bacon with its one-of-a-kind thick pizza base. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with a great choice of delicious toppings.



Wheat flour (gluten), water, Mozzarella cheese (milk, non-animal rennet, cheese cultures, salt), rib meat (8%) pork, water, salt preservative (sodium nitrite (E250), sugar, stabilisers (E450, E451), flavouring, rosemary extract (E392), sodium ascorbate (E031), bacon (8%) (pork shoulder, water, salt, preservative sodium nitrite E250), colourant (E127), sugar, stabilisers (E450, E451), flavouring rosemary extract (E392), sodium ascorbate (E301)), sugar, vegetable oil (rapeseed, sunflower seed), vinegar, tomato paste, yeast, salt, herbs and spices (irradiated), garlic, ginger, colourant (E15od).



CONTAINS: Cow’s milk. MAY CONTAIN: Wheat (gluten). Soya