Dr. Oetker Italian Pizza Pizzinis Bianca & Ham

0.54 kg
R 65.99

Not too Big. Not too Small. They are the perfect bite-size for entertainment and lunch boxes. And truly delicious!


Pizza base (56%) (wheat flour (gluten), water, vegetable oil (canola seed), yeast, salt, sugar), white sauce (19%) (water, sour cream (cream, stabilisers [E1422, E440, E500], acidity regulator [E331], lactic cultures, preservative (natamycin [E235])), vegetable oil (canola seed), thickener [E1422], onion powder, salt, dried ginger (irradiated), dried garlic, spice and herb (irradiated)), Mozzarella cheese (milk, salt, cheese cultures, non-animal rennet), Cheddar cheese (milk, salt, calcium chloride [E509], preservative (sodium nitrite [E250]), cheese cultures, colourant [E160b], non-animal rennet), ham (7%) (pork meat, water, salt, dextrose, flavouring, spice extract, thickener [E407a], sodium ascorbate [E301], preservative (sodium nitrite [E250]), stabilisers [E450, E451]), herbs (irradiated).


CONTAINS: Cow’s milk. MAY CONTAIN: Wheat (gluten). Soya