Dr. Oetker Italian Pizza Familia Chicken & Jalapeno

0.529 kg
R 75.99

Ital Pizza has been bringing the best quality, make-it-at-home pizzas to South African families for more than 30 years. With a wide range of delicious pizzas perfect for any occasion, Ital Pizza has something for your entire family. Make more mmmm's at home!


Wheat flour (gluten), water, Mozzarella cheese (13%) (milk, salt, cheese cultures, non-animal rennet), chicken breast (12%), preserved Jalapeno peppers (5%) (jalapeno peppers, water, sugar vinegar, salt, acidity regulators (E330, E300) firming agent (E509)), tomato paste, green pepper, vegetable oil (palm fruit, sunflower seed, TBHQ (E319)), Creme fraiche (cream, stabiliser, starter cultures, preservative (natamycin (E235))), onion, salt, sugar, thickener (E1422, yeast, cream, lemon juice, preservative (sodium met bisulphite (E223)), herbs & spices (irradiated), spirit vinegar (water, acetic acid), garlic (dehydrated), ginger (irradiated).


CONTAINS: Cow’s milk. MAY CONTAIN: Wheat (gluten). Soya