Dr. Oetker Italian Pizza Familia Chicken, Feta & Peppadew Piquante Peppers

0.544 kg
R 66.49

Ital Pizza has been bringing the best quality, make-it-at-home pizzas to South African families for more than 30 years. With a wide range of delicious pizzas perfect for any occasion, Ital Pizza has something for your entire family. Make more mmmm's at home!


Pizza base (44%) (wheat flour (gluten), water, vegetable oil (canola seed), yeast, salt, sugar), tomato sauce (water, tomato paste, vegetable oil (canola seed), sugar, salt, thickener [E1422], dried garlic, herb and spice (irradiated), dried ginger (irradiated)), Mozzarella cheese (milk, salt, cheese cultures, non-animal rennet), cooked chicken (12%) (chicken breast meat, water, lemon juice, preservative (sodium met bisulphite [E223]), salt, sugar, thickener [E1422], vegetable oil (canola seed), dried ginger (irradiated), dried garlic, spices (irradiated)), Peppadew® piquanté peppers (6%) (sweet piquanté peppers, water, sugar, vinegar, salt, citric acid [E330], ascorbic acid [E300], firming agent [E509]), sweet and sour sauce (water, sugar, citric acid [E330], vinegar, tomato sauce (water, tomato paste, sugar, vinegar, salt, spices (irradiated)), soya sauce (water, soybeans (soya), wheat (gluten), salt), Feta cheese (4%) (milk, salt, calcium chloride [E509], non-animal rennet, cheese culture, acidity regulator [E338], preservative (pimaricin [E235])), herbs (irr


Wheat (Gluten), Cows Milk,Soya.