We are a family-owned retail group spread throughout the former Transkei region, the Border region of the Eastern Cape and the Eastern fringe of Kwazulu Natal. We pride ourselves in having strong ties in the communities we serve and thanks to our dedicated Spargs family of more than three thousand colleagues, a culture of caring is felt from head office to the shop floor.

Unique to Spargs is our assortment of shopping experiences, which ranges from groceries to clothing, from fuel courts, to liquor, hardware to furniture, appliances, 24-hour convenience, tyre fitment and eatery outlets. While each of our stores caters to the specific needs of their community, it is our company-wide motto to offer value through our products, and customer service.  We are very excited to offer you this online store as we step into a new era of online trading.

If you'd like to get in touch or find out more about our branches around the Eastern Cape, please head over to the Spargs Group website.